The Meadows at Martin Downs Homeowners Association, Inc.

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Computer & Web Surfing Tips

Getting to Meadows website:   Your H.O.A. directors  subscribed to the easy-to-remember website address (or URL): 

A quick way to get to the Meadows website is to add that URL (aka "Address")  to the list of "Favorites" (in your Internet Explorer or AOL browser) or your "Bookmarks" (in your Netscape or Mozilla Firefox browser).  

Setting up a link in your "Favorites" folder is easy:

1. Once on-line and logged onto the internet or World Wide Web, place the cursor inside the "Address" line (sometimes called "URL" or "Location") and left click;

2. Type -   and hit Enter

3. When you are at the Meadows home page, place the cursor on a blank area on the page, RIGHT click and from the drop-down menu select "Add to Favorites" if using Internet Explorer or "Make Bookmark" if using Netscape or Firefox browser. 

Thereafter, go to your "Favorites" or "Bookmarks" button on the tool bar and click on the Meadows link.

To contact the webmaster:

Last updated: 03/06/2012